Guidelines for Decision Making by the SSCP Board

When a news article or other issue arises on which SSCP would like to comment or make a quick decision, we can move forward rapidly based on the following guidelines: 

  1. A minimum of 67% of Board members need to endorse the decision (or a minimum of 5 persons if for some reason the Board is small at some stage, or some members are not available). 
  2. At least 1 president needs to endorse the decision, and there should be no other presidential dissent (i.e., no dissent from the past, current, or elected president). 
  3. We can still move forward even if there is some dissent among Board members, so long as items 1 and 2 are met. 
  4. Note, for those cases involving a public response (e.g., in the media), we can sign a statement on behalf of SSCP so long as we indicate that our comments do not reflect those of APA.