Susan Nolen-Hoeksema Early Career Research Award

The Board of Directors of SSCP created the Susan Nolen-Hoeksema Early Career Research Award. This award is dedicated to the memory of Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Chair and Professor of Psychology at Yale University and SSCP member, who was known during her career as an outstanding clinical research scientist and a strong advocate and mentor to many students in clinical psychology. Dr. Nolen-Hoeksema passed away on January 2, 2013.

The winner of this award will come from the ranks of members of SSCP in good standing who are within 8 years of their Ph.D. Outstanding early career research scientists are those who have provided exceptional contributions to the science of clinical psychology in one or more content areas. This could include one or more of the following: groundbreaking conceptual or theoretical approaches to a problem, innovative methodological contributions, or highly significant and impactful empirical findings.

In addition to the above description, nominees will be evaluated on multiple criteria, including but not limited to, publications, grants, awards, presentations, and positions attained since the receipt of their Ph.D.

Consideration also will be given to the statements of nominees’ current and former professional colleagues and mentors about the nominee’s research prominence and impact in the field of clinical psychology.

Nominators should submit applications by email to Lauren Alloy as a single document at Applications should include: (a) a cover letter nominating a particular individual for the award; (b) a statement of the reasons why the nominee is considered to be outstanding, consistent with the definition and criteria provided above; (c) the nominee’s CV; and (d) a minimum of two additional letters (in addition to the cover nominating letter) from current or former professional colleagues in support of the application.

Application packages should be received by March 25, 2024.

The winner will be announced the following month, and the award can be given at either APS, APA, or ABCT (the awardee's choice). Awardees will receive a certificate and a $1000 honorarium. Members of all underrepresented and minority groups are encouraged to apply. Please also pass this announcement along to interested colleagues and groups.   

People who are ineligible for consideration are current Board members and those who have won this award previously.

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