Translating Science to Practice

The goal of our series is to help clinicians access and use findings in basic science to guide their clinical work. We all know that there are serious impediments to clinicians being able to retrieve and utilize the latest scientific work. These obstacles include not having easy access to scholarly publications, not having the time to set aside to keep up-to-date on the literature, and trouble determining which of the hundreds of new articles every month would be most relevant to improving clinical outcomes.

This series aims to address these obstacles. We identify a highly regarded, impactful, and clinically relevant article, make it available to you to download at no cost, and conduct an audio interview with the author. The interview is designed with an emphasis on practice-friendly “take home messages.” We will also host a discussion forum for any lingering questions you have after listening to the interview.

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This series is presented by SSCP’s Committee on Science in Practice: 

Chair: Jacqueline Persons, PhD, Oakland Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center, Oakland, CA

Travis L. Osborne, PhD, Evidence Based Treatment Center of Seattle

Robert Reiser, PhD, Private Practice, Kentfield, CA

Regine Galanti, PhD, Private practice, Long Island, New York

Jocelyn Sze, PhD, Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinical Services

Kelsie Okamura, PhD, The Baker Center for Children and Families/Harvard Medical School