Dissertation Grant Award

Applications are now being accepted for SSCP Dissertation Grant Awards. These awards are intended to both recognize and support students who have already received approval for their dissertation project. Accordingly, in addition to the evaluation of the proposal as a whole, we will also consider what additional sources of funding have been received in the context of the overall estimated cost of the project.  Awards will be in the amount of $500.

It is anticipated that up to 5 grants will be funded. At least one of the grants will be for a project that contributes to diversity in clinical science. Applicants must be a member of an underrepresented group (broadly defined) and engage in diversity related research. Members of all underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. If you wish to be considered for the DEI Dissertation Award, please indicate this in your cover letter.

Applications must be received by November 15. Notification of awards will be made in January.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Student member of SSCP. The membership application form can be downloaded or submitted on-line at: http://sscpweb.org/Membership 
  2. Dissertation proposal approved by applicant’s department (verified in advisor’s letter).
  3. Current Board members and those who have won this award previously are ineligible for consideration. 

The application should include the following:
1. Cover letter indicating applicant’s name, school affiliation, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, title of the project, and a statement that the dissertation proposal has been approved.
            A.    Specific Aims. List broad objectives and what the specific research proposed in this application is intended to accomplish.
            B.    Background and Significance. Briefly sketch the background leading to the present application, critically evaluate existing knowledge, and specifically identify the gaps that the project is intended to fill.
            C.    Preliminary studies. Use this section to provide an account of applicant’s preliminary studies (if any) pertinent to the application and/or any other information that will help establish the experience and ability of the applicant to pursue the proposed project.
            D.    Research Design and Methods. Describe the research design and the procedures to be used to accomplish the specific aims of the project. Include how the data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted.

3. Abstract. (MAXIMUM OF 250 WORDS, the abstract page does NOT count towards the 5 page maximum for the research plan).
4.  Outline of budget and listing of additional sources of funding. (How do you propose to spend the award? What funding have you already received? To which additional sources of funding have you applied?) MAXIMUM OF 1 PAGE.
5. Curriculum vita.
6. A brief letter from your dissertation advisor confirming your good standing in the program and stating that the dissertation prospectus has been approved. This should not be a letter of recommendation; rather it should just confirm your good standing in the program and that your dissertation proposal has been approved.  This letter should be sent directly from the advisor to sscpstudent@gmail.com.

Note: Supplemental Materials may be submitted but are not expected nor required, and are not considered as part of the ratings of the applications. Examples of suitable supplemental materials would be: treatment manuals or analyses other than those for the primary aims and hypotheses.

Submission guidelines:

1. Submit application electronically at the following link:

2. Please include the entire application, including cover letter, in one document file.

3. The advisor’s letter should be sent directly by the advisor to sscpstudent@gmail.com