Outstanding Student Diversity Research Award Winners

2017: Lauren Khazem and Craig Rodriguez-Sejias (honorable mention)

Lauren Khazem is a graduate student the University of Southern Mississippi. Lauren's research aims to identify drivers of suicide in individuals with physical disabilities. Craig Rodriguez-Sejias' research aims to understand mental health disparities among minority groups and processes regarding transdiagnostic psychopathology.

2016: Donte Bernard

Donte is part of Dr. Enrique Neblett’s lab at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Donte was selected from an extremely competitive pool of applicants. Donte’s works explores the positive psychological development of racial minority youth, with an emphasis on identifying risk and protective factors that may influence the link between race-related stress and the imposter phenomenon, or feelings of intellectual incompetence, among African American youth and emerging adults. 

2015: Juliette McClendon Iacovino 

Juliette is a PhD candidate at Washington University where she is now studying under the auspices of Dr. Tom Oltmanns. A graduate of Harvard (AB, Social & Cognitive Neuroscience), her research - which has been published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology and other high impact journals and is presently supported by an NRSA - examines psychosocial and cultural risk factors for a broad array of mental disorders with a focus on racial disparities. She is also committed to diversity training and has served extensively within her department and university on many committees to increase awareness of issues related to diversity science.

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