Information for Those Interested in Subscribing

SSCPNet is an email discussion list, a listserv devoted to discussions of research and issues related to clinical psychology. It is available only to members of the Society. All subscriptions will be checked against the membership database. If you are not a member and are interested in joining, please complete a membership application. After joining, please send proof of membership (e.g., the e-mail you will get if you join online by credit card) to the Listserv Manager, who will add you to SSCPNet. 

SSCPNet Listserv Policy [pdf] (last updated 8/27/15)

Information for Current Subscribers

  • To get more information on how to use this service, please send the command HELP in a line by itself in a mail message to
  • To signoff from the list, email to with the following request: unsubscribe SSCPNET 
  • To post a message to the listserv so that everyone on the list gets it, send your message to:
  • All messages sent there will be received by the whole mailing list. That is NOT the address for changing preferences or unsubscribing. 
  • To change preferences or to unsubscribe, the commands must be sent to:
  • There are two options that you should know about: digest and postpone.
  • By default, all messages posted to the listserv (including your own) will be sent to you as soon as they are posted.  If you wish to change that so that incoming listserv messages will be sent to you once a day in digest form (meaning you will get exactly one sscpnet message per day), send a message to with the contents "set sscpnet digest mime" (do not include quotation marks in your message).
  •  If you are currently receiving the list content in digest form, but wish to change so that you receive list messages as they are posted, send a message to the contents “set sscpnet mail” (do not include quotation marks in your message). 
  • If you go away for a while, and want no messages sent to while you're away, send a message to with the contents "set sscpnet nomail"
  • When you return and you want to receive mail again, you can send a message to with the contents "set sscpnet mail"
  • To unsubscribe, send a message to with the contents "unsubscribe sscpnet"

Listserv Archives

All SSCPnet messages posted on or after June 18, 2009, can be accessed at the SSCPnet Archive.

Listserv Manager

Contact Thomas Olino, SSCPNet Listserv Manager, regarding questions about SSCPNET or to subscribe to SSCPNET. Per SSCP Bylaws, Subscription to SSCPnet is limited to dues-paying members of SSCP.

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