Internship Directory and Survey Results

The 8th edition of the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP)'s Directory of Training Opportunities for Clinical Psychology Interns is here. Results were compiled from clinical internship sites during the Fall of 2014. The Directory has been published by SSCP since 1974 as a resource for graduate students and clinical faculty members. The Directory provides unique information not available elsewhere, including research opportunities and training in empirically supported interventions.

Below, we have posted a downloadable, modifiable version of the Internship Directory that can be sorted to suit individual interests, as well as a copy of the original questionnaire sent to internship training directors. We have also included two articles that summarize the results of two surveys conducted by SSCP's ad hoc Committee on the Internship Match Crisis.

This edition of the Directory was generated and edited by Victoria Smith, Rosanna Breaux, Mitch Prinstein, and Bethany Teachman.

Thanks to the many internship training directors who took the time to complete the survey! 

You can download the 2015 files here:
SSCP Internship Directory 2015 (2).xlsx (October 11, 2015 update) 

If you would like your program’s information added to the directory, simply download this excel file , enter your program’s data in a new row, and then email it to us. We will do periodic updates to the directory online.

Please email your completed excel file to Rosanna Breaux at

You can download older files here: 

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