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The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP) was established in 1966. Its purpose is to affirm and continue to promote the integration of the scientist and the practitioner in training, research, and applied endeavors. Its members represent a diversity of interests and theoretical orientations across clinical psychology. The common bond of the membership is a commitment to empirical research and the ideal that scientific principles should play a role in training, practice, and establishing public policy for health and mental health concerns. SSCP has organizational affiliations with both the American Psychological Association (Section III of Division 12) and the Association for Psychological Science.

Those who are interested in a more detailed history of the society should read, A Voice for Science in Clinical Psychology: The History of Section III of Division 12, by Thomas F. Oltmanns and Leonard Krasner (1993).

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Volume 25, Issue 1 is out now!

Articles in this issue include:

    1. Presidential Column - Cindy McGeary, Ph.D.

    2. Diversity Corner-  Engaging in Social Justice Activism in Clinical Science (Jennifer Pearlstein, MA)

    3. Early Career Perspective- A Year of Transitions: Dealing with Liminal Spaces in Academia (Jasmine Mote, Ph.D.)

    4. Clinician Perspective - The Role of Stigma in the Relapse in Patients’ Recovery from Addiction in Bahrain (Nawaf Matar)  

    5. Student Perspective - A Student Perspective on Promoting Mental Health for Clinical Psychology Graduate Students Historically Excluded from Institutions of Higher Education (Alyssa Palmer, MA)

    6. Awards and Recognition -  Honoring Dr. Scott Lilienfeld. Awards featuring Dr. Gerald Davison, Dr. Thomas Joiner, Steven Kasparek, Shirley Wang, Alexandra Wojda, Laura Curren, Paula Floyd, Jolin Yamin, and Katherine Musacchio Schafer.  

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    Welcome to the official SSCP blog, hosted by the SSCP Diversity Committee. 
    In this SSCP Blog series, we invite you to join us as we explore systematic inequality in clinical psychology.


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